Trailwatcher Duties
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  1. The Trailwatcher will inspect the assigned section at least 3 times per year: during October-January, February-May and June-September. Additional inspections may be called for by the Trail Coordinator after severe stormy weather or similar unanticipated circumstances. Inspections shall consist of hiking the assigned trail section, noting trail conditions and locations where trail maintenance or re-design is needed. After the inspection, he/she will report his/her findings to the Trail Coordinator or the Corps of Engineers, as appropriate. The inspection should be primarily for these considerations:
    1. SAFETY Conditions which might be hazardous or develop into hazards should be noted, along with their locations and suggested solutions. If conditions represent an immediate and serious hazard, the Corps should be notified as soon as possible.
    2. ORIENTATION If the trail is not marked clearly through blazes, worn treadway, or clearing such that inexperienced hikers can easily find their way, deficient areas should be noted for work parties.
    3. OBSTRUCTIONS Downed trees, driftwood, weedy and shrubby growth which blocks or obscures the trail should be reported for work parties.
    4. EROSION Areas where erosion from surface runoff, switchback shortcutting, or overuse affect the trail or shoreline erosion undermines the trail should be noted and corrections or alternate routes suggested.
    5. GENERAL MAINTENANCE Problems with vandalism to signs or marker posts, environmental damage, or routine trail maintenance should be noted.
  2. The Trailwatcher will not only monitor his/her trail, but provide advice to the Trail Coordinator and Corps concerning the resolution to problems on the trail and better maintenance practices, if possible. The Trailwatcher will consult and cooperate with the Trail Coordinator when establishing work outings.
  3. The Trailwatcher will generally participate in and supervise maintenance parties on the trail, instructing untrained volunteers in proper trail maintenance techniques. The Trailwatcher will operate hand tools and hand power tools (e.g. weedeaters, brushcutters and chain saws) in accordance with Corps of Engineers safety standards as specified in E.M. 385-1-1.
  4. Any significant alterations of the trail will be done only with prior approval from the Corps of Engineers.

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