Section 4 Topo Maps
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Section 4 (appears in blue in the map below):

  • The connection between Sections 3 and 4 is made by following gravel roads (beginning with Kiowa Road) for approximately 4.0 miles. Be sure to have a trail map and/or GPS map with you for this portion of your hike; trees along the roads are not well marked to define the route.
  • Section 4 starts at 82nd Street (near mile post #22) and follows an abandoned road bed to the south before entering the woods to the west.
  • Section 4 follows the Slough Creek Arm of Perry Lake with many remote views of this part of the lake.
  • Near mile post #24, the trail follows the perimeter of the Audubon wildlife area. Numerous spur trails exist in this area.
  • Near mile post #26, the trail nears Ferguson Road and turns from southwest to southeast. This area was recently rerouted.
  • At 4.4 miles, the trail crosses Ferguson Road and heads west. In a few hundred feet, the trail crosses the road to the boat ramp parking lot (site of a future trailhead). The boat ramp area provides ample parking for larger groups, and is a great start or end point for many hikes along the trail.
  • The trail continues for another 2.0 miles before reconnecting with Section 1. At the intersection with Section 1, turn left and head south for 0.6 miles to reach the Slough Creek trailhead. Slough Creek Public Use Area is a major trailhead for Perry Lake Trail, complete with ample parking for small groups. An information kiosk with maps and contact information is located at the trailhead


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