Section 3 Topo Map
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Section 3:
  • Old Military Trail (OMT) Public Use Area is a major trailhead for Perry Lake Trail, complete with ample parking for groups. An information kiosk with maps and contact information is located at the trailhead. This kiosk was built by Troop 351 (Shawnee) in March 2006.
  • The parking area is a starting point for hikes on Section 2 (to the west) or Section 3 (to the east).
  • A walk-in hiker's campground is maintained at the first road loop within the park. This site includes an amphitheater, fire ring and shelter. The hiker's campground is approximately 0.4 mile in from the trailhead and accessible via a spur trail marked in white.
  • Water is available nearby (within OMT park) during park facility camping season (April - October).
  • At 0.4 miles you will reach a creek crossing near 94th Street. Until early October '05 this was the site of a foot bridge. Like other newer bridges along the trail, this bridge was put in place by volunteer Eagle Scouts earning their merit badges. Material and technical support for these projects was provided by Westar Energy's Green Team. We are currently looking for a new volunteer scout to work on a replacement bridge just upstream from the original site.
Map of Section 3 (in RED)

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