Section 1 Topo Map
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Section 1 (appears in red in the map below):

  • Slough Creek Public Use Area is a major trailhead for Perry Lake Trail, complete with ample parking for small groups. An information kiosk with maps and contact information is located at the trailhead.
  • The parking area is a starting point for hikes on Section 1 (to the north) or Section 4 (to the east).
  • Campground facilities are nearby within the park area. Water is available nearby during park facility camping season (April - October).
  • A 0.4-mile spur trail near the trailhead leads to Devil's Gap area, additional parking and the boat ramp. Spur trails are marked with White paint blazes.
  • At 0.6 mile you will reach the intersection of Sections 1 and 4. Section 1 continues to the north (on your left); Section 4 heads east (on your right).
  • A new foot bridge is located near the 66th Street crossing (near mile marker #3). Like other newer bridges along the trail, this bridge is an Eagle Scout merit badge project. Material and technical support for these projects is provided by Westar Energy's Green Team.
  • Section 1 follows the shoreline for much of the first four miles.
  • The trail crosses the boat ramp area for Lakeside Village at approximately 4.0 miles. The #4 mile marker is just north of the boat ramp area. Here you'll also encounter "table rocks" and the Mobe Rucker Park Bench for a quiet break near the lake and a scenic view. Longview Park boat ramp can be seen on the opposite side of the cove from this location. 
  • Near mile marker #5, the trail crosses Hoover Creek. Watch for paint blazes and trail markers. Between mile markers #4 and #5, the area has been the site of much recent ATV activity. Numerous side trails exist.
  • Section 1 ends at Longview Park, just south of Apple Valley Farm (a great place for a break after a day on the trail).


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