Old Quarry Road Bridge
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The Old Quarry Road Bridge was installed on Perry Lake Trail by Eagle Scout Travis Sutheimer (and other scout volunteers) from Lawrence. It was put in place and approved by the Corps in September 2003. This bridge is immediately adjacent to Old Quarry Road where the trail follows the perimeter of the Lakewood Hills subdivision. The trail entrance to the east of Old Quarry Road is located approximately 100' south of this bridge.

dsc00425.png  Img90.png

The Old Quarry Road Bridge on May 20, 2006. A volunteer repaired the damaged handrails on the bridge.

dsc00313.png  dsc00312.png

In March 2006, a person or persons with a 12-gauge shotgun decided to remove the handrails from the Old Quarry Road Foot Bridge. Among what is known, they used Remington Sport Loads (green casing), in 2 3/4" length, 1 1/8oz shot, 7 1/2 shot. Ammo lot code is A20EC506. It appears this same person(s) may have used Winchester Universal (red casing) 7 1/2 shot ammo. This person(s) also hiked a portion of the trail to the east, shooting at paint blazes on the trees. A reward of $250 is currently being offered for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of person(s) responsible for destruction of this improvement on Federal Property.

The Old Quarry Road bridge was spared from flood damage.   Lake level just below the Old Quarry Road bridge.

The Old Quarry Road Foot Bridge survived flash flood waters in October 2005. Here you see the bridge around noon on 10/2/05, about eight hours after the flash flooding. Yes, that is the lake level just a few feet under the bridge! Normally the lake is not visible from this location.


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